Quincy ’the dude’ Jones Productions

Around the age of eight I first became acquainted with Quincy Jones: a TDK cassette tape with Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, which I played completely to pieces during the summer holidays (my favorite then was ‘Beat It’, now it’s ‘Lady in my Life’, aging in a nutshell). Quincy was the first to make me aware of what an impact a producer can have on ’the sound’ of a recording, and that you can also become a fan of a producer.

‘Q’ (a nickname given to him by Frank Sinatra) has a huge amount of producer credits to his name, but he also released albums under his own name for much of his career, working with vocalists and musicians he had often had collaborated before.

Five selections from his own oeuvre.

(p.s. MJ’s cassette tape disappeared after that summer and is still missing today.)